Satellite Broadband


Production Broadband specialise in provision of Temporary and Short-Medium Term Broadband, for Film Production Managers, Heads of Department and Temporary Offices. 

Production Broadband may also be used as Remote to Studio Links for Broadcasters, Content Creators - Press, Radio/TV.
We work with two options-
1.Satellite Broadband, which is ideal for Remote Locations, where speed of set up and Signal consistency are paramount.
2.Wireless Broadband, over 4G, which suits Urban Areas.

Our Standard Model is ideal for Temporary Production Offices, and general Office requirements.
We can also offer a dedicated solution, offering 10Mbps Uplink & Downlink.

We do exactly as it says on the Tin !

Wi-Fi Network for Temporary Broadband

We also provide Wi-Fi Networks, to distribute Production Broadband.

Our Systems are custom designed, and can distribute Hi Speed Broadband across your Film Set, or Production Facility.

Temporary Broadband Ballyhenry, Ashford

Radio - We Hear You!

Production Broadband offers an easy solution for Radio Stations, Content Creators, Social Media Broadcasters, Event Managers

Who Are We?

Production Broadband is a product offered by Dicker Event Tech. We're in the Tech business since 1953!